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Bespoke Shelter Options

ALTERNATIVE GLAZING OPTIONS                                                  


​For locations where alternative glazing is required we can offer


perforated metal sheets, solid panels or textured polycarbonate.


​Traditionally all of our frameworks are aluminium however, we can provide alternative materials if requested.

​The aluminium framework is protected by a high performance

architectural powdercoating system.

The rebate depths on beading allow for further toughened

glass or polycarbonate to be fitted into the structure.


Ideal for areas of important architectural interest where the

natural properties of glass are preferred. Toughened glass                       

presents an ideal surface for decoration with company or local                                    

authority logos.


Because of its high impact strength, polycarbonate is highly

resistant to abuse and has excellent visibility properties. The             

following grades are offered:

A: Standard Polycarbonate

B: UV Protected Polycarbonate

C: Anti Graffiti Coated Polycarbonate with UV Protection.




The Commutaport shelter can be designed and manufactured

to suit the customer’s specifications.


Commutaports require very little maintenance, apart from

regular washing.

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