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Our environmental policy is based upon two key principles;

 Protecting the Earth’s natural habitat by conserving and enhancing biodiversity, and

 Minimising the impact our business activities have with the Earth’s resources.

It is our aim to prevent pollution by reducing waste and wherever practical take measures to protect, preserve and create natural habitats for wildlife, flora and fauna.

Over the course of the last few years, Commutaports Ltd. has taken regular measures to improve our numbers of plants and trees on site. We have a garden as you enter our premises (which we created in 2010/11 and continue to maintain) and we have an alley of tree’s greeting you on your drive around our yard.

Commutaports Ltd. are sympathetic to wildlife in our area. Materials stored within our open yard area are monitored to ensure no undesired hazards endanger our regular visitors – deer, buzzards, kestrels, foxes and rabbits are all frequent visitors at our premises.


   Commutaports Ltd. seek to use materials efficiently, minimise material waste and promote re-cycling or re-use in all operations. All material wastage in the manufacturing process for polycarbonate structures are sent to specialist companies for re-cycling. All materials salvaged when a client asks us to remove old polycarbonate structures are separated and uplifted by specialist companies who ensure that all these components are re-cycled.

We ensure that our business practices comply with relevant environmental regulations and our operations are conducted in a manner that prevents pollution and conserves resources.

Commutaports Ltd. ensure that all employees are aware of the company’s, and their own, responsibility regarding protection of the environment (by communicating to the term verbally and making use of their relevant notice boards).

Commutaports Ltd. endeavour to source materials and services locally to reduce our overall CO2 footprint.

Commutaports Ltd. promotes the use of solar lighting within bus shelters.

In accordance with agenda 21 Policies, and the Governments’ Renewable Energy Targets, generating energy through solar technology produces no CO2 emissions. Solar power offers a fully sustainable and renewable energy source.


     We monitor our water consumption, and take every measure to reduce our consumption. Commutaports Ltd. have no connection to the mains sewer and all natural waste products are dealt with on site. This process reduces our impact on local services.

Commutaports Ltd. are committed to providing clear and honest information regarding the impact of our business activities on the environment. We will continually review our environmental performance aiming to minimise energy consumption and the use of materials which may be harmful to the environment.

Commutaports Ltd. are committed to following through a programme of continual improvement.

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