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Why Commutaports?

Commutaports Ltd. is one of Britain's largest suppliers of passenger shelters and modular covered walkways. We have been designing and manufacturing "The Commutaports Range" of shelters for over 32 years from factory based in Bishopbriggs, Scotland (Central belt).

Commutaports, which were primarily intended as protection for travellers against inclement weather, while allowing good visibility, are also used as covered walkways, interchange stations, kiosks, spectator shelters and external smoking shelters. Using the latest design technology and a highly flexible production facility, Commutaports Ltd. are confident in offering solutions to meet customer needs. The company's success in obtaining a substantial share of the UK market has been achieved through continuous design refinement, listening to customers and innovative ideas. 

Commutaports Ltd. were the first to: 

  • select aluminium for frame work

  • pioneer the use of polycarbonate glazing

  • introduce mid-rails for safety and aesthetic purposes

  • integrate real-time technology into their products.


Commutaports Ltd. have long recognized that, while shelters must be practical, simple and unobtrusive in appearance, they must also harmonize with both urban and rural settings. This is particularly true today where greater emphasis is now placed on commuter needs and environmental awareness. Commutaports Ltd. are well placed to meet these new demands through on-going assessment of customers' requirements. 

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