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Commutaports, which were primarily intended as protection for travellers against inclement weather, while allowing good visibility, are also used as covered walkways, interchange stations, kiosks, spectator shelters and external smoking shelters. Using the latest design technology and a highly flexible production facility, Commutaports Ltd. are confident in offering solutions to meet customer needs. The company's success in obtaining a substantial share of the UK market has been achieved through continuous design refinement, listening to customers and innovative ideas. 

Commutaports Ltd. were the first to: 

  • select aluminium for frame work

  • pioneer the use of polycarbonate glazing

  • introduce mid-rails for safety and aesthetic purposes

  • integrate real-time technology into their products.

What Do We Offer?

We offer a huge range of shelters as well as offering a fully bespoke service to find a solution to your problem.

Below are a few examples of what we offer but if you require a custom solution then

simply call us on 0141 762 2626 where we can build exactly what you need.

Bespoke Range
Gallery Range
Standard Range
Waiting Rooms
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Our Pledge To The Future

Read our Environmental Pledge and learn what we are doing to reduce waste and the steps we are taking to improve the future.

Some Of Our Clients

Shelter Options

We have a huge range of customisable, bespoke features to offer you the exact product that you require.

Below are a list of some of the ways that you can customise your shelter, from bespoke layouts to finishing it off with any colour you can think of, you name it we can do it.

  • Lighting - Fluorescent lighting is available with totally concealed fixing screws and wiring. 

  • Doors - Aluminum framed doors with polycarbonate glazing, locks and self closing handles are available. 

  • Special Panels - 3mm powder coated aluminum panels or frosted polycarbonate are offered to create an opaque or translucent effect. 

  • Information Panels - Display panels can be incorporated for timetables or city information.

  • Six Sheet Illuminated Advertising Panels - can be easily integrated into all shelter designs. Hidden vandal-proof locking and sealed panels to prevent water and dust ingress are important features.

  • Printing - company and local authority logos can be printed on toughened glass or on a mid-rail section

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​If you have any queries about our bespoke shelters, please get in touch using the contact form.


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