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Commutaports are constructed from extruded aluminum which allows for high quality powder coating, resulting in a perfect gloss finish vastly superior to coated galvanized steel. Aluminum framed Commutaports can be handled by two people, do not require lifting equipment and, with a standard flat roof design, can be installed in two hours with minimum disruption to traffic.

As a result of experience gained over many years, Commutaports Ltd. offer two types of glazing:

  • Toughened Glass.
  • Polycarbonate.

Toughened Glass
Ideal for areas of important architectural interest where the natural properties of glass are preferred. Toughened glass presents an ideal surface for decoration with company or local authority logos.

Because of its high impact strength, polycarbonate is highly resistant to abuse and has excellent visibility properties. Three grades of polycarbonate are offered:

  • UV Protected.
  • Anti-Graffiti
  • Bronze Tinted.

UV Protected
The polycarbonate is coated with an ultraviolet compound for protection against the effects of weathering. It should be noted, however, that graffiti is difficult to remove.

Coated Anti-Graffiti
The polycarbonate is treated with a special surface coating which is resistant to solvent-based paints and inks. Subsequent removal of graffiti does not harm the polycarbonate.

Bronze Tinted
Bronze tinted polycarbonate, with UV protection, is offered for roof glazing where it affords shade during bright sunny days and masks the build up of dirt between cleaning.

Toughened glass and polycarbonate panels are interchangeable on site in the event of breakage.

Commutaports® require very little maintenance, apart from regular washing. All fixtures and fittings are assembled with concealed rivets for maximum security and resistance against the most determined anti-social behaviour.


The frame is made from riveted aluminium sections. All cantilever designs have steel channel inserts in the aluminium box section legs to provide extra load bearing properties.

Flat roofs are made from 1.5mm aluminium sheet.

Two sizes of panel are available which form the basic dimensions of standard Commutaports. Details are as follows:

The aluminum framework is protected and decorated by a high performance architectural powder coating system.

Colors are matched to most BS 4800 and RAL references to suit customers' requirements.

The glazing panels are framed with a rebate depth of 31mm, which, in the case of the polycarbonate, exceeds the manufacturer's recommendation. This enables Commutaports Ltd. to offer a 3 year guarantee against breakages.

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