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Commutaports Ltd. is the UK's largest supplier of passenger shelters and modular covered walkways. We have been designing and manufacturing "The Commutaport Range" of shelters for over 25 years. Using the latest design technology and a highly flexible production facility, Commutaports Ltd are confident in offering top quality solutions that meet our customers needs.
At Commutaports we pride ourselves in using the latest in shelter innovation and technology.
Our shelters harmonise with both urban and rural settings, and we place great emphasis on commuter needs and environmental awareness
Our new solar powered shelters represent the very best of cutting edge shelter technology.
To find out more email: sales@commutaports.co.uk

External Smoking Shelters
Our highly popular smoking shelters can be manufactured to suit any location, and come with fully integrated seating and robust ashtrays.
To find out more about our best selling smoking shelters call the number above or email sales@commutaports.co.uk.

Commutaports Ltd

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